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Drive-In Pallet Racking Removal & Installation | BSE UK

Blackwood Drive In Racking Case Study


BSE UK was approached by a client in Blackwood, South Wales, to remove their existing racking and install new drive-in pallet racking to maximise storage space in their warehouse.


South Wales, Blackwood


To strip down an existing block of drive-in racking and supply, deliver and install two new blocks of drive-in racking at the client's site in Blackwood. Installation would be carried out during normal working hours, with weekend working available as required.


The client faced the challenge of maximising storage space while maintaining accessibility and reducing the risk of damage to stock. Their existing drive-in pallet racking system required an overhaul to meet their growing needs.


Strip Down Existing Drive-In Racking:

BSE UK stripped down, stacked and banded the existing block of drive-in racking for removal by a contractor. The pallet and block details were:

  • Pallet Details: 1420mm W X 1020mm D X 1500mm H @ 1250Kgs per pallet.
  • Existing Block Details: 8 lanes wide x 4 pallets deep x 4 pallets high (ground + 3 levels).

New Drive-In Pallet Racking:

BSE UK installed new drive in pallet racking at the customer’s location, with two blocks installed:

Block 1

  • 16 lanes wide consisting of:
  • 13 lanes 5 pallets deep x 4 pallets high (ground + 3 levels).
  • 2 lanes 5 pallets deep x 3 pallets high (ground + 1 level).
  • 1 lane with no pallets.
  • Total Pallet Count – 290.

Block 2

  • 3 lanes wide x 2 pallets deep x 4 pallets high (ground + 3 levels).
  • Total Pallet Count – 24.


Rails, frames and arms were all pre-galvanized to offer a durable finish that will protect the components from damage. The arms were painted blue.



Full rack protection was installed to minimise the risk of damage and protect stock. Rack protection accessories included entry headers, rear stops, guide rails and an additional beam for each pallet level. Additionally, spine bracing was supplied and installed for the rear of the 5 lanes.



Full-height anti-collapse mesh for all 3 runs was installed as part of the project, with specified dimensions and finish to meet the client’s requirements.



The implementation of the new drive-in pallet racking system offered significant benefits to the client including:

  • Increased Storage Capacity
  • Improved Accessibility
  • Minimal Disruption
  • Forklift Access
  • Robust & Low Maintenance System


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