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Mobile Shelving Systems

BSE UK is experienced in the supply, installation and ongoing maintenance of flexible mobile shelving units designed to maximise space.

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Mobile Shelving Systems for Office and Industry

Mobile shelving is a versatile and flexible storage solution for offices, warehouses, storage facilities, stockrooms, archive rooms, museums and other environments where high-density storage is required.

Fixed on mobile bases, these shelving systems are moveable and reduce the need to have an aisle of either side of the shelving bay, allowing storage space to be increased by up to 70%.

At BSE UK, we offer a wide range of mobile shelving units to suit your specification, with electric and manual options available.

What is Mobile Shelving?

Shelving is fitted to a mobile base which enable the shelving to run on rails, these rails are either laid within the floor or mounted onto a false floor.

The shelving system can be operated in a number of different ways dependant on requirements including 3 spoke handles, pull-along handle or through an electric touch control.

Unlike static shelving where there is an aisle on each side of the bay, mobile shelving means that access is only needed to 1 side of the rack when needed, with the compact units simply being moved apart to allow access when an item is required.

Mobile shelving systems are versatile to your requirements, with bases that have load capacities of up to 15 tons available. Tracks can also be customised to your environment, with permanent and semi-permanent options available dependent on your requirements.

Mobile shelving systems also include several safety features including locking bases to reduce the risk of injury.

Benefits of Mobile Shelving Systems 

Mobile shelving offers several benefits including:

  • Increase storage capacity by as much as 70%
  • Load capacities of up to 15 tonnes available
  • Electronic operating options for ease of use available
  • A versatile storage system that can be used in a wide range of environments
  • Mobile units lock together for added security
  • Easily scalable to grow with your business
  • Accessories including draw units and adjustable shelves available
  • Helps improves organisation

Are There Any Drawbacks?

In an environment where stock rotation is fast and stock needs to be accessed quickly and frequently, a static shelving system would be more efficient than a mobile one.

Mobile Shelving Systems Gallery

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