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Longspan Shelving Systems

BSE UK are experienced in the supply & installation of longspan warehouse shelving to increase storage capacity for heavy, wide or awkwardly sized goods.

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Longspan Shelving for Stockrooms, Storerooms and Warehouses

Due to the thickness of the beams, longspan shelving is the ideal shelving solution for efficient storage of bulky or hand-loaded items in warehouses, retail environments, offices and more.

At BSE UK, we provide a complete service for longspan shelving systems including design, installation, repairs, and ongoing maintenance.

Additionally, we stock all types of accessories including plastic trays and bins, garment hanging racks, decking, signage and more to ensure your shelving system meets your operational requirements.

What Is Longspan Shelving?

Longspan shelving is a type of industrial shelving unit which is named due to the width of the design which makes it ideal for storing long or heavy items such as pipework, archive boxes, cartons, plastic bins and metal parts.

The unique fit between the upright and claw gives longspan racking incredible strength and rigidity. Along with the heavy duty “Z profile” beam which ensures it meets the most rigorous demands.

Due to the robust design, longspan shelving does not require a bottom shelf, meaning that the ground floor can be used as additional storage with ground floor pallets or loose items.

Longspan shelving is easy to install, available in a range of bay widths with heights that are adjustable to the stock being stored, making it completely scalable and adaptable to your operational needs which can help maximise space.

Longspan shelving is suitable for most businesses with a storage requirement and can be an alternative for operations that need a large scale storage system but don’t have the budget for  a racking system.

Benefits of Longspan Shelving Systems  

Longspan shelving systems offer a number of benefits including:

  • Robust and durable design
  • Maximises space
  • Shelf levels include deck support to match beam capacities
  • Adjustable and versatile
  • Suitable for storage of long, bulky items
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Improved product visibility
  • Extra wide bay racks available
  • Steel and chipboard decking available
  • Suitable for garment hanging racks
  • Suitable for automotive storage

Are There Any Drawbacks?

In smaller operations, boltless shelving can be a cheaper and more suitable alternative to heavy duty longspan shelving.

Longspan Shelving Systems Gallery

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