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Pallet Racking Accessories

We hold stock to a wide range of accessories for pallet racking to improve safety, organisation and efficiency. Explore our range below or contact us for more information.

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Wide Range of Accessories Supplied and Installed

At BSE UK, we provide a complete range of ancillary options for pallet racking to ensure that it's suitable for your requirements. Our range includes everything from row spacer and pallet decking to load signs and back of rack protection.

As well as supply, our fully qualified team can help with the installation of any of the below accessories to your pallet racking system. If you're unsure what you might need, get in touch with one of our team today or check out our top 10 racking accessories blog.

Row Spacers

Row spacers fit to the uprights of double entry racks and are used to provide additional strength for the system as well as ensuring racking is spaced the same distance apart.

The row spacers we supply are galvanised and scratch resistant.

Row spacers should be fitted between each pair of frames in a racking system.

Row Spacer.jpg

Rack Labels and Signs

Rack labels and signs give workers the information they need to operate racking safely whilst working efficiently.

Our range includes standard codes, magnetic labels, vinyl labels and more.

We recommend that you display the weight limit of all pallet racking clearly with a rack load sign.


Pallet Support Bars

If a pallet is weak, sagging or carrying a very heavy load, pallet support bars can be used to provide extra support.

Our range of pallet support bars can also be used to support chipboard decking.

Pallet support bars should span across the depth of the frame and slot onto the existing beams.

Racking Support Bars

Pallet Racking Decking 

Decking is commonly used for non standard pallet sizes or where small stock is being held to prevent it from falling through, it also helps protect the racking and keep it clean.

Our range of pallet decking includes timber, chipboard and mesh which are available in varying thicknesses and dimensions to suit all requirements.

Mesh Panels

Anti Collapse Mesh or Netting

Anti collapse mesh and netting fit to the back of racking system to prevent items falling through.

Our range of back of rack protection includes both heavy duty anti collapse meshes and lower cost rack netting.

We recommend that you have either of these fitted to all pallet racking aisles with a walkway to protect operatives.

Rack Netting System

Beam Locking Pins

Beam locking pins, sometimes referred to as beam clips, beam locks or pallet racking safety pins are designed to secure racking beams to the frames.

These safety devices are required as part of the SEMA code of practice and thus we highly recommend having them installed, you should have 2 beam locking pins per beam within your system.

Locking Pin

Racking Protection

Racking protection helps protect your racking and stock whilst also keeping staff safe from a potential rack collapse.

Our range of rack protection equipment includes:

  • Column guards,
  • Upright protectors,
  • Barriers

And more - visit our dedicated page for more information here.

Corner guard

Talk To Our Expert Team

If you need accessories for your pallet racking system, or want to speak to one of our team about what accessories you might benefit from, we can help.

Get in touch with us today on 0117 955 5211 fill out a contact form or use the live chat to speak to one of our team instantly.

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