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Pallet Racking Installation and WMS Integration Case Study | BSE UK

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BSE UK partnered with a leading retail brand to enhance their warehouse storage capabilities and increase storage space at their location in Peterborough.




To supply and install a comprehensive pallet racking solution that maximizes storage capacity and ensures efficient warehouse management by integrating with the client’s Warehouse Management System (WMS).


Install Pallet Racking

Following a site survey and the successful acceptance of a quote, BSE UK supplied and installed 4,000 pallet racking locations at 13m high, creating significant storage space within the location.


A comprehensive rack labelling system was implemented to seamlessly integrate with the client's Warehouse Management System.

This system includes clear and standardised labels on each rack, supporting efficient inventory management and improved visibility. By integrating with the WMS, the rack labelling system enables real-time tracking of inventory.


A pallet backstop system was installed throughout the racking for enhanced safety. Additionally, racking protection measures including rack end barriers and upright guards were integrated for more comprehensive protection which contributes to a safer working environment.


The beams were painted with a special black finish in order to align with the client’s bespoke branding specifications, reinforcing the brand’s identity throughout the location.


The successful completion of the project resulted in significant improvements for the client including:

  • Increased storage capacity to accommodate 4000 pallet locations
  • Improved warehouse safety with pallet backstop systems, rack end barriers, and upright guards; reducing the risk of accidents and damage to stock within the warehouse.
  • Seamless integration with the client’s Warehouse Management System through effective rack labelling, contributing to greater efficiency and better inventory management.

Additionally, the project was completed on budget and ahead of the program.

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