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Cart Push Back Pallet Racking Case Study - BSE UK

Cart Push Back Pallet Racking


‘’I contacted BSE UK, as I wanted to maximise the little space I had left in the warehouse.

George came to site and told me what options I had, he was very knowledgeable and provided me with brilliant information on what benefits the various different products would give me.

BSE UK also offered good ideas to maximise pallet locations, like adding single pallet racking bays to the end of the cart push back system.‘’


Pharmaceutical Manufacturer


North Devon


Salesperson: George Ives
[email protected]

With their warehouse running at 90% capacity, there was an urgent need to gain more storage from the little space they had left. BSE UK were invited in to measure up and provide an efficient system in order to maximise the available warehouse space and increase the number of pallet locations.


2 Deep Cart Push Back Pallet Racking
Frame Size - 5500 mm high x 2550 mm deep
Accessories - Push back Carts
Layout - 1 off block 21 wide x 2 deep x 4 high

Pallet Load Details:
Pallet type - Chep
Width - 1000mm
Depth - 1200mm
Max pallet weight - 1000 kg

Basic Channel Parameters:
Nested Height - 123 mm
Recommended slope - 3.0%

Rail colour - Grey
Upper carts colour - Grey
Lowest cart colour - Black
Multipurpose plates - 2 off
Anti lift out protector - Yes
Linked carts for safety - Yes
Flanged wheels - Yes
Loading guide - Yes

Truck Details:
Type of truck required Fork lift with tiltable mast/ fork

Standard Pallet Racking
2 no. Single Entry racks @ 1 Bay Long
5000mm H x 1100mm D x 2250mm c/e
Ground + 3 no Beam Levels per Bay

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Bristol Storage Equipment Limited
Unit 28 Brunel Way,
Cooper Road,
Thornbury, Bristol
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