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Prepare Your Warehouse For The Winter - BSE UK

Top Tips to Get Your Warehouse Ready For Winter

Prepare Your Warehouse For The Winter

If predictions are correct, we’re heading for a harsh winter – one that may leave us with a covering of snow for months on end.

If that’s the case, it’s worth putting a bit of thought now into how you’ll cope with a cold snap.

At BSE UK, we’ve been putting plans in place ready for the winter so we can keep our team operating safely and ensure we don’t have to let any of our customers down.

Here are some pointers to help you do the same and hopefully, to prevent your warehouse grinding to a halt, no matter how extreme the conditions.

Coping With Snow and Slippery Conditions

If necessary, make sure that you have the resources to grit access roads and work areas to prevent skidding and slipping. Many industry professionals suggest you might also want to invest in tyre chains and even snow ploughs if you really want to be prepared.

In warehouse storage areas, you’ll need the necessary attachments for your forklifts so they can work efficiently in snow and ice. Additionally, you should be cautious of snow on your pallet racking as surplus weight from snow and ice could cause it to collapse.

Keep Your Environment Warm

A warehouse is never going to be the easiest place to keep warm – or the cheapest! Make a start by ensuring your heating system is properly maintained and able to operate as efficiently as possible.

We all know that heat rises and it’s not uncommon for there to be a 20-degree difference between the temperature of the warehouse floor and its roof. By installing industrial ceiling fans, you’ll be able to keep all the warm air circulating properly.

It’s impossible to keep your warehouse doors shut all the time but you can reduce the amount of cold air you let in when they’re closed. Think about adding insulated panels to the doors or seal up any gaps around the outside that let the draught in. You can even install dock seals or shelters to minimise heat loss during unloading.

Encourage a Healthy Outlook

Colds, viruses and flu can whip through your workforce like a tornado, severely hampering productivity. By encouraging good hygiene and educating your employees about the importance of hand washing or supplying antibacterial hand wash, you can help prevent the spread of bugs.

Also encourage everyone to have a flu jab if they’re offered one. Whilst it may not stop them getting flu altogether, it will certainly lessen the severity of it and get them back to work more quickly.

Wrap Up Warm

Drivers or warehouse staff need to be dressed for winter weather to ensure they’re not at risk. Even when exposed to it for a short time, extreme cold, driving rain and high winds can be extremely dangerous.

According to risk insights from Todd and Cue Insurance at least three layers of clothing should be worn, with thinner under layers and a loose fitting waterproof outer layer that gives some ventilation to prevent overheating. It’s also essential to have a hat (the most heat is lost through the top of your head), as well as warm gloves. Good shoes or boots that are slip-resistant are also essential to prevent accidents.

Safety For Your Drivers

It’s essential that your drivers are well trained and prepared to deal with whatever the weather might throw at them. Before bad weather arrives, ensure your fleet has been thoroughly inspected and each vehicle is fitted with the following:

  • Snow scraper
  • Blanket
  • First aid kit
  • Torch
  • Food and water
  • Emergency phone

Try to get your drivers in the habit of checking the conditions before they begin their shift, providing the necessary resources to help them, and make sure they are always dressed adequately in case they get stranded.

To protect your company against liability, all your drivers should be trained in safe, cautious driving techniques in all weathers and know what to do in the case of an accident. If it’s not safe to drive because of visibility or traction, they should be confident to pull over, knowing you’ll support them in their decision.

Stay In Touch

A good communications plan is important so all your employees are kept in the loop when weather conditions are poor. It’s essential that everyone knows what they need to do if they can’t make it into work and what will happen if the warehouse has to close for the day. With drivers, it’s obviously even more crucial to keep in close communication to ensure they stay safe when operating in hazardous driving conditions.

Contingency Plans

Try to get some plans in place to minimise disruption to your operations if things really take a turn for the worse. Monitor the long and short-term weather forecast so you’re prepared ahead of time and think about ways to manage the workload if some of your employees struggle to get in.

If the weather starts to turn, it can be a safer option to send all employees home early rather than wait to see just how bad it gets.

Get In Touch

Hopefully, we’re well prepared here at BSE UK so no matter the weather, we’ll be able to sort out all your industrial warehouse storage needs.

If you’d like to talk to us about pallet racking, repairs and maintenance or SEMA racking inspections, just give us a call on 01179 555 211 and one of our experienced and knowledgeable team will be happy to help you.

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    BSE UK
    BSE UK7 months ago
    Pictures of 80 bays of pallet racking with mesh decking and rack protection being installed this week in Swindon.

    We are delighted to have installed this for our client if we can give you a competitive quote then get in touch with our team.
    BSE UK
    BSE UK7 months ago
    ⭐️SEMA approved rack inspectors!⭐

    H️ow safe is your pallet racking?

    Did you know that under PUWER guidelines, your racking should be maintained and inspected on a regular basis.

    Regular inspections reduce the risk of system collapse which can mean damaged stock, injury or downtime.

    BSE UK is approved by SEMA to provide industry leading rack inspections across the UK.
    o chat to one of our team regarding SEMA racking inspections please call us today on 0117 955 5211.
    BSE UK
    BSE UK9 months ago
    Heavy duty longspan racking available to buy now from the BSE UK online shop.

    This heavy duty racking solution has a depth of 776mm, this is the largest option in our longspan shelving range.

    ✔️ Steel Split Upright
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    ✔️ Steel Beams in Orange RAL2002
    ✔️ Shelves made of 15-18mm Chipboard
    ✔️ Shelf Load 600-950kg UDL
    ✔️ Easy Self Assembly, no screws or bolts required!

    Fast and free UK delivery is available on orders over £200 - shop now!

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    Bristol Storage Equipment Limited
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    BS35 3UP

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