The Causes Of Pallet Racking Collapses and How To Prevent Them

Racking Collapse

A pallet racking collapse can be fatal | Pallet Racking Maintenance When a pallet racking system collapses, it can cause hundreds and thousands of pounds worth of damage to stock, temporarily bring business to a halt and pose a credible threat of serious injury to anybody present at the time of collapse. In most cases,…

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How High Can Your Pallet Racking Go?

How High Should Your Pallet Racking Reach? If you face the daily struggles associated with a small warehouse and heaps of inventory, pallet racking is likely your best solution. Ideal for a vast range of markets, whether retail or manufacturing, pallet racking is designed to store high volume and high density bulk inventory. Amongst a…

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Should My Pallet Racking Be Secured to the Floor?

Should My Pallet Racking Be Secured to the Floor? It’s a question we often get asked, and we are shouting from the top of our storage system to let the world in on the answer. The rules and regulations for floor fixing of pallet racking are given in the SEMA Code of Practice for the…

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Cart Push Back Pallet Racking Case Study

CUSTOMER COMMENTS ‘’I contacted BSE UK, as I wanted to maximise the little space I had left in the warehouse. George came to site and told me what options I had, he was very knowledgeable and provided me with brilliant information on what benefits the various different products would give me. BSE UK also offered…

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Racking Identifier | Types of Pallet Racking | BSE UK

Pallet Racking Identification

Racking Identifier | Types of Pallet Racking | Bristol Storage UK If you’re struggling to identify your pallet racking system then you are not alone. Take a look at this really helpful guide to pallet racking uprights, which should hopefully enable you to identify the storage system that you’re operating in your warehouse or at…

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4 Ways to Maximise Warehouse Space For Brexit

Brexit, when was the last time you went a full hour without hearing the word mentioned? One of the biggest talking points recently has been around the stockpiling of goods including medicines, food and raw materials in fear of delays at the border and increases in import tariffs. With this, there has been a huge…

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Pallet Racking Accessories Top 10


Pallet Racking Accessories Top 10 A Top 10 Countdown of Accessories for Warehouse Racking From column guards and safety barriers to weight load signs,take a look the most popular pallet racking accessories are and understand how they can help you and your warehouse become more efficient as well as becoming a safer place to work.…

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Incredible Project Recently Completed By Dexion UK

Incredible Project Recently Completed By Dexion UK WOW! Look at this incredible Project that has recently been completed by Dexion UK. They won a contract to rack out a 408M warehouse for The Range in Avonmouth, Bristol. The build consisted of Dexion P90 and Dexion Hi280. And luckily for us they have done a time…

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Why Install Rack Netting to Your Pallet Racking System?

Why Install Rack Netting to Your Pallet Racking System? With heavy stock stored above head height, the potential for injury from falling objects is present in most warehouses. In addition to injuries, falling stock results in loss of revenue for the business, damage to racking systems and can leave warehouse managers in breach of Health…

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Storage for Awkwardly Shaped Stock – Save Space With The Right Racking


Easter Competition – Can You Spot all the Dexion Chicks Hidden in our Warehouse? Optimisation of space usage is key to the success of any warehouse, and getting the most storage space from your racking helps improve efficiency all around. Using the right kind of racking for different types of stock is imperative in achieving…

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Online grocery giant Ocado have announced plans to build a 150,000 sq ft high-tech distribution hub in Bristol, creating over 800 local jobs.
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The role of the warehouse has changed significantly over the past decade, here's 6 trends that are shaping the warehouses of the future.
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The warehouse robot market is exploding as demand increases for fast fulfilment. The International Federation of Robotics predicts that the market for warehouse and logistics robots worldwide will increase to $22 billion by 2022!