Download Your FREE Rack Inspection Checklist

Download Your FREE Rack Inspection Checklist Over 1,000 Downloads – Get Yours Today! Download Your Free Guide (No Sign Up Required) Click the button to download your inspection sheet and help your team carry out regular safety checks on your racking. Pallet racking is defined as ‘work equipment’, meaning that it’s the responsibility of you…

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Top Tips to Get Your Warehouse Ready For Winter

Lorries battle through icy roads

Prepare Your Warehouse For The Winter If predictions are correct, we’re heading for a harsh winter – one that may leave us with a covering of snow for months on end. If that’s the case, it’s worth putting a bit of thought now into how you’ll cope with a cold snap. At BSE UK, we’ve been…

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The Causes Of Pallet Racking Collapses and How To Prevent Them

Racking Collapse

A pallet racking collapse can be fatal | Pallet Racking Maintenance When a pallet racking system collapses, it can cause hundreds and thousands of pounds worth of damage to stock, temporarily bring business to a halt and pose a credible threat of serious injury to anybody present at the time of collapse. In most cases,…

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How High Can Your Pallet Racking Go?

How High Should Your Pallet Racking Reach? If you face the daily struggles associated with a small warehouse and heaps of inventory, pallet racking is likely your best solution. Ideal for a vast range of markets, whether retail or manufacturing, pallet racking is designed to store high volume and high density bulk inventory. Amongst a…

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Should My Pallet Racking Be Secured to the Floor?

Pallet Racking Picture - Norrow Aisle Link 51 Racking

Should My Pallet Racking Be Secured to the Floor? It’s a question we often get asked, and we are shouting from the top of our storage system to let the world in on the answer. The rules and regulations for floor fixing of pallet racking are given in the SEMA Code of Practice for the…

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The Benefits of SEMA Distributor Companies

Will cutting corners on rack safety cost you much more in the long run? Did you know? If you have storage equipment within your premises you are legally obliged to ensure that it meets all health and safety standards and that it receives regular safety inspections by a competent person. The health and safety legislative…

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Fire Safety In The Warehouse: 5 Step Checklist

fire safety in the warehouse

Fire Safety In The Warehouse: 5 Step Checklist Warehouse fires have been a hot topic of conversation recently, with a large fire devastating a warehouse on White Hart Lane and residents being evacuated in North West London following a huge blaze in the same month. Fortunately, in both cases, the blazes were controlled (by a…

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Why You Should NOT Get Your Pallet Racking Repaired

why you should not get your racking repaired

Why You Should NOT Get Your Pallet Racking Repaired Wait, what? And no this isn’t a ploy to get you to purchase brand new pallet racking from us. We’ve seen an influx of companies offering ‘pallet racking repairs’ for serious damage, with warehouse managers opting for this cheaper option and putting their workforce and inventory…

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Signs that your racking needs replacing

racking replacement

Signs that your racking needs replacing A frequent issue that commonly arises in the warehouse is old, unsuitable or simply broken warehouse racking systems. Not only is this insufficient for keeping up productive workflow and much needed organisation, but it poses a huge health and safety risk to all those in the workplace. Whilst pallet…

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Top Tips for Forklift Safety in the Warehouse

fork lift safety

Top Tips for Forklift Safety in the Warehouse Fork Lift Safety in the Warehouse We have said it time and time again, and we’re about to say it again. We cannot stress enough the importance of health and safety in the workplace. From correct moving and handling practices to proper signage there are a host…

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