Maximise Space In Your Warehouse

maximise space in your warehouse without expanding

How To Maximise Space In Your Warehouse Without Expanding Running out of space is one of the most common problems warehouse managers run into when they are in the process of expanding. The first thought many have is to buy more space – but this isn’t always necessary. Running out of space can encourage bad…

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Our Top 5 Organization Must Haves!

Top 5 Organization Must Haves

How To Keep Warehouse Workers Happy and Motivated With spring around the corner we wanted to tell you about our ultimate top 5 organizing essentials, to help you with your spring cleans and feeling as organized as ever. Weather it is shelving for your shed to tidy the garden in preparation of your 5 visitors…

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Storage for Awkwardly Shaped Stock – Save Space With The Right Racking


Easter Competition – Can You Spot all the Dexion Chicks Hidden in our Warehouse? Optimisation of space usage is key to the success of any warehouse, and getting the most storage space from your racking helps improve efficiency all around. Using the right kind of racking for different types of stock is imperative in achieving…

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Dexion Mobile Shelving and Racking in Essex

Dexion Mobile Shelving and Racking in Essex Initial brief BSE UK were invited in to this site in Essex by an existing customer after completing succesful projects at numerous sites across the UK. With a limited area for small parts storage, a mobile shelving system was chosen as the optimum solution. Dexion P90+ Pallet Racking…

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Our Top Tips to Organising Your Warehouse

organising your warehouse

Our Top Tips to Organising Your Warehouse In order to run a successful warehouse business you must have high standards when it comes to the organisation of your premises. Amazon didn’t become the world’s largest internet retailer, selling every product imaginable, with a disorganised and dishevelled warehouse floor, did they? No. In our latest blog…

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Signs that your racking needs replacing

racking replacement

Signs that your racking needs replacing A frequent issue that commonly arises in the warehouse is old, unsuitable or simply broken warehouse racking systems. Not only is this insufficient for keeping up productive workflow and much needed organisation, but it poses a huge health and safety risk to all those in the workplace. Whilst pallet…

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